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Are you subscribed to my feed already?

The feed logo Are you one of the 225 people who subscribed to my RSS feed already? Well, then read no further, this post is not for you.

Still here? And you haven't the slightest clue what the heck I'm talking about? Just read on…

This post is about the wonderful world of RSS feeds, which are a way to stay up to date with whats new here and many others of your favorite websites.

To understand how it works, just lean back and have a look at the following video made by the guys at Common Craft.

Watched the video? Remember the two steps?

First Step: Get a Feed reader.

Here are the ones suggested in the video:

Second Step: Subscribe to your favourite sites

Here are the RSS feeds for splitbrain.org:

Alternative for the old-fashioned ones

If you still don't like RSS feeds you can also subscribe to update notifications by e-mail, but you should really check out the feeds - it's worth it.

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