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  1. Where's your cellphone? in my backpack I think
  2. Your partner? in the bathroom
  3. Your hair? on my head
  4. Your mom? 4.5km to the north
  5. Your dad? 544km southwest from here
  6. Favourite item? hard to decide, one of these: my Palm, my Laptop, my GPS
  7. Last night's dream? can't remember
  8. Favourite drink? Beer? No wait! Coffee! Hmm or Coke? No, beer!
  9. Dream car? It should run on garbage, fly and be able to travel through the time.
  10. The room you're currently in? my “office” – desk, computers, books
  11. Your ex? no idea, I hope she's happy now
  12. Your fear? to die unhappy
  13. What do you want to be in 10 years? famous ;-)
  14. With whom did you spent the last evening? Kaddi
  15. What are you not? famous ;-)
  16. The last thing you did? played Bomberman 93 with Kaddi
  17. What are you wearing? Jeans, T-Shirt, black hooded jacket
  18. Your favourite book? dunno, maybe something by Terry Pratchett
  19. The last thing you ate? bread with ham
  20. Your life? quite okay so far
  21. Your mood? slightly amused ;-)
  22. Your friends? rule!
  23. What are you thinking about? what I'm thinking about
  24. What are you currently doing? blogging?
  25. Your summer? is yours too. It's kind of free and open ;-)
  26. What's on your TV? Hellboy
  27. When was the last time you laughed? Sometime today
  28. The last time you cried? Hmm, I can't remember
  29. School? just memories
  30. What do you hear? Music?
  31. Favourite thing to do on the weekends? geocaching, coding, meeting friends
  32. Dreamjob? not needing to work anymore but just doing what I enjoy
  33. Your computer? Up and running, one of them 24/7.
  34. Outside? dark
  35. Beer? yes, please!
  36. Mexican food? okay, if Sushi isn't available
  37. Winter? I like warm ears ;-)
  38. Religion? FSM! Arrrr!
  39. Vacation? yes or better no work at all ;-)
  40. On your bed? or on yours? Why not the kitchen? ;-)
  41. Love? Oh I thought you asked this already :-P

Okay now everybody catch it! *throw*

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