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Your Questions Answered #6

From time to time I go through the “Keywords” section of Google Analytics and search for typical question words1) to see what people were looking for when they arrived on my site. In the “Your Question Answered” I try to answer the questions that probably remained unanswered previously.

In this issue:

In Germany, what bin does the vacuum cleaner dust go in?

Germany is one of the leading nations in recycling household waste. Basis of the recycling system is separating different garbage types into different bins. The most common types are glass, paper, packaging2) and “the rest”, some households also have a “bio bin” for bio-degradable (kitchen-) waste.

So Germans are a bit crazy in terms of recycling, but of course there's no special bin for vacuum cleaner dust ;-). The dust simply goes to the bin for “the rest”.

When is a split-brain beneficial?

Split-brain is a condition where the bridge between two hemispheres of the brain is damaged or completely broken. This usually has effect on all things where both halves of the brain need to work together. So it has no benefits at all usually.

There's one exception though: for patients suffering from heavy epilepsy a split-brain operation can sometimes be the last way to better their condition.

How to pixelize or censor JPGs?

There are probably as many options as there are image tools. In Gimp you can do it like this:

  1. Open your image in Gimp
  2. Use one of the select tools to select the area you want to pixelize
  3. Choose FiltersBlurPixelize…
  4. Set the pixel size in the dialog and hit okay
  5. Repeat for other areas
  6. Save

What does Delta Airlines do with used blankets?

Probably the same as every other airline. Wash and reuse them.

However, it seems that many airlines do not wash blankets between domestic flights. This New York Times article recommends:

You know you’re getting a new or freshly washed blanket if it’s wrapped in plastic.

When is Spring in Berlin?

Usually around the end of March, but sometimes we have to wait until May for some decent sunny days.

How many users are on identi.ca?

The simplest way to find a rough number is to to have a look at the welcomebot account. This bot will automatically greet every new user. Just follow the link to the newest user and check out its User ID in the sidebar.

I just checked – the current ID is 200674. Of course this number also includes deleted, inactive and spam accounts.

What is a "small item" in Munchkin?

That's simple. The official rules state:

Any item not designated Big is considered Small.

So if there isn't the word “Big” (or “Groß” on my German edition) on the card it is considered small, even if the item needs two hands for holding.

How big are Munchkin cards?

They are 5.6×8.7cm, at least in my German edition by Pegasus Spiele.

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This is done through a system where vendors pay for sorting and recycling. See Green Dot (symbol)