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Munchkin Boxing

As you may remember, I like Munchkin. In fact Kaddi and I have several extensions to the original game:

These boxes look nice but are rather impractical for storing playing cards and aren't that easy to transport either. So I wondered how others store their Munchkin games.

Buying the official boxes of holding seems the usual way to go. But that's still multiple boxes and I would need to order them online and wait…

I felt rather impatient. I wanted a solution now. Luckily I hadn't thrown out all those packing stuff left over from all the Christmas Amazon orders. I went through it and found a very promising box:

Enough to hold my stacks of room and treasure cards and some space for level markers. All I needed now was some divider. Again I dug through the paper trash and found a piece of cardboard to cut:

It fit perfectly.

Time for some paint.

While the paint dried I wondered what to use for level markers. Up til now we just had used whatever we found when playing a round of Munchkin. But some dedicated markers would be nicer. That's when my eye fell on a box of Hama-Beads and I had an idea. Little abacus-like counters!

I used some wooden skewers, the end is a heated bead squashed with pliers – not beautiful but works ;-)

Meanwhile the paint was dry. Time to add some lettering:

And this is the final box and it's contents:

Mission accomplished.

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