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Attempted Burglary

Yesterday night, someone tried to break into our appartment 8-o.

I was out while Kaddi just had gone to bed when she heard the front door open and close again. She saw the automatic light in the corridor come on, but then there was silence. It was much too early for me coming home and the door opening had sounded very strange so she listened on high alert. When the light went out again she grabbed her phone and sneaked out.

She called me to make sure it hadn't been me, then called the police not sure if the intruder(s) were still in the flat. The police arrived a few minutes later but found no one. They were pretty thorough and also checked our house to make sure no one was hiding in the upper floors. But it seems the intruder escaped as soon as he saw the light come on.

So we got away pretty lucky. Nothing stolen and no one hurt. But it's still very scary. We live in a relatively safe neighborhood, in the rear house. I would have never expected a burglary here - especially not on a Thursday evening. We also did not lock our door at. Which is kinda stupid I guess.

So we'll gonna lock up at night, maybe see if we can install some more effective locking mechanism and hope this was some random encounter to never happen again. Scary shit.

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