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Custom Munchkin Cards

Since foosel's blog post convinced me to buy the Munchkin card game, Kaddi and me became big fans.

We recently bought two expansion sets which add new monsters, items and other cards to the game. But the sets also included a few blank cards.

Of course we immediately wanted to fill these cards with our own creations. Today I created our first three custom Munchkin cards shown below:

Holy Hand Grenade

This one is inspired by Monty Python's Holy Grail of course. The text reads:

Holy Hand Grenade

Counts as small item. Carry the Holy Hand Grenade to use it in your fights. Roll the dice. On a 3 it explodes and kills all monsters. Discard the card then.
If you don't roll a 3, keep the card and fight as usual or run away.

800 Gold Pieces

Load Stone

Nethack players will recognize this item. The Load Stone is a dreaded item in Nethack and we put it into Munchkin as a curse. Here's the text:

Load Stone

A really heavy stone. And rather cumbersome.
Heavy as a big item. If you already carry a big item, discard it. Hirelings won't carry stones!
It hinders you on kicking doors. Before each turn roll the dice. If you throw a 3 or less you stumble and it's the next player's turn.
Dwarfs are strong enough and do not get any disadvantages by this curse.

3 bit Integer

Another card slightly influenced by Nethack. The Bad Stuff math is a tiny bit flawed since we left out the 0 which would kill a player. But we thought the monster is bad enough this way. Translated text again:

Level 20
3 bit Integer

Looks harmless on first sight, but wait when it starts to count your levels…

Bad Stuff:

Integer overflow! The 3 bit int can only count to 7. If you have a higher level it will just count on from the start.
Level 8 players will be set back to level 1, level 9 players back to level 2. Epic Munchkins have to calculate on their own.

2 Levels
5 Treasures

I don't know if the blank cards where intended to be used that way, but I'm sure we're not the only ones who created their own custom ones. If you did, please post your card descriptions in the comments.

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