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January Books

This year I'd like to read more books again. So instead of reading mails and feeds during my daily commute it's books now. To motivate myself I'll try to post a monthly update on what I've read.

Here are my January reads:

Unseen Academicals

With Pratchett having Alzheimer's this might be one of his last Discworld novels ever. He returns to the wizards of the Unseen University again, mixed with lot's of real world relations as usual. It might not be the best but it's a good Pratchett which made me giggle quite a few times.


I bought this one out of a hunch. It contains several short stories, all a little on the sad side. I really liked them.

God's Debris

A philosophy by the Author of Dilbert? Yes. And a good one too. I read through that one in just a couple of hours. It makes you go back and forth from Wow! to WTF? frequently.

The Time Machine

ISBN 1936594110

This one is a classic and worth reading to understand the various references in popculture alone. Time travel science fiction from the past about the future ;-)

Nerd Do Well

I have to admit I didn't knew who Simon Pegg is when I picked this one up. It is entertaining but not really a must-read unless you're a big fan. But I can relate very much to how Simon feels about the Star wars prequels.

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