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Mansions of Madness

I got the Mansions of Madness board game for Christmas. It's probably the game with the most game pieces I ever owned.

The game is based on H.P. Lovecraft's horror stories: someone stumbles upon some mystery and has to survive some ancient horror.

In the game, one or more “investigators” are playing against a “keeper”. The keeper will select one of 5 main stories and a few key questions within the chosen story. Then the board is setup accordingly, players choose their special items and a story introduction is read.

At the beginning the players (except for the keeper) have no idea what their goal to win the game is. This has to be uncovered by exploring the surroundings picking up exploration cards and solving puzzles. Of course the keeper has its own (secret) goal. To reach it, the keeper spawns monsters, attacks players and does other nasty things to the investigators. Meanwhile the time continues towards an unruly end…

The game is really hard. We've played it a couple of times now, but the investigators haven't won a single time. Nonetheless we had a lot of fun. Even though the amount of game pieces and manual pages seem to be intimidating at first, the game principles are surprisingly simple.

But the reason I'm writing a blog post about it,is that I just recently finished painting the figurines and wanted to post some pictures :-).

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