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Custom Board Game Insert

For Christmas this last year, I got the two extensions for the Mysterium board game which is awesome.

But of course the additional cards and pieces would no longer fit the original box insert. So it was time for another one evening project. Something I wanted to get into for a long time anyhow: creating my own board game box inserts from foam core.

Of course I also had to use some 3D printing. For most of the cards, I created boxes using the customizable card deck box by rainers. The holder for the vision deck, I designed myself in OpenScad. The idea is that it splits in half, where one half holds the stack of fresh cards while the other holds the used ones. Unfortunately I did not factor in some tolerances, so the fit is not perfect. But it does work, so that's good enough.

I am really happy with how the project turned out.

boardgame, 3dprinting, diy, foamcore
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