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Digital Calipers Modded

Like many, I own some cheapish digital calipers. And like anyone else, I am super annoyed by the little LR44 button cell that powers them. Or rather does not, because it seems to be always dead.

So for the last years I mostly used my old analog calipers. And once you learn how to read their sub-millimeter measurement, they are pretty awesome.

But since we have the house, I have the need for two calipers. I need one in the basement workshop and I need one at my desk in the office. The latter being used to measure things when designing 3D prints.

So it was time to reanimate my digital ones the Frankenstein way. By modding them to use a standard AAA battery.

A bit of 3D printing, some magnets and some soldering is all it took.

Actually it took a lot more:

  • My TS80 soldering iron's display died
  • I burned my hand when touching the supposedly dead but hot iron
  • I accidentally glued together multiple magnets (pro tip: place cable between magnets, then use thin CA glue afterwards)
  • I designed a much more complicated battery holder first, only to decide it to be impractical

Anyway. It works. Here's some pictures:

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