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Adam Savage Worklight Alternative

Ever since I saw Adam Savage's custom workbench LED lamps, I wanted something similar.

See the video below for Adam's version. Basically he mounted a camera flat panel LED on top of an armature wire reinforced 3/4“ Loc-Line to have a super flexible lamp when working on small parts at his work bench.

Instead of building the flexible arm myself, I opted for a prebuilt one. What I found was meant to hold a babyphone camera. It's a 80cm flex arm and it comes with multiple attachments, including a standard 1/4” camera mount.

For the light I picked the RaLeno PLV-S116. It's not the brightest available model, but it is the brightest in the 300g class.

Theoretically that's all you really need. You could attach the light to the arm using the supplied attachment block and use the arm's clamp to mount it to your workbench.

But I wasn't happy with both ends of the arm. The business end was too clunky for my taste and for attaching it to my work bench I wanted to use my dog holes. Luckily both ends unscrew easily and were quickly replaced by 3D printed parts.

The overall cost is about 50EUR – a lot cheaper than if I had verbatim copied Adam's version.

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