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Happy New Year: Harz Pics

Hello dear readers. It's a new year! Time for some new year resolutions. This year I want to blog more again. I think once per week should be doable. There, I said it. Laugh at me when I fail… then do it better.

Let's start with something easy - a photo dump post. I spent the holidays with Kaddi, her brother and his girlfriend in the Harz region. I've been there several times with my parents when I was a little kid 1) and I'm falling in love with it again. Kaddi and me where there for two days in October and instantly decided we had to come back again. And I guess we will return for a third time.

And because I didn't blog in October, you'll get pictures from back then and this time in one post. You'll figure out which ones are from a sunny fall weekend and which are from bleak winter days on your own ;-)

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