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Workshop Upgrades

The cellar and future workshop is still a big mess with lots of boxes and stuff that hasn't found it's place, yet.

But at least two projects are done now to give the shop a bit more space.

The shop vacuum is now hooked up to a cyclone system and both got their own little vertical shelf. I will probably add a top lid and a way to to attach the accessories to it. I also need to find a better way for turning it on and off, because the power button is now very awkward to reach.

For my Bosch miter saw, Kaddi and I built a proper stand this weekend. It's inspired by April Wilkerson's version but we borrowed the idea of adjusting the height of the wings by using a adjustable furniture leg from Drew Fisher.

Our building capabilities are still very much hampered by the lack of a proper table saw. Cutting straight with a Jigsaw is a pain. But I think we did well.

Both shelves are set up on coasters so they can easily be moved out of the way when not needed. Important for a small workshop as ours.

Somewhat related, we also installed a simple tool rack in the garden shed.

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