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Trash Solution 3

It seems finding a good solution for trash in the kitchen is a reoccurring problem for Kaddi and me. You may remember solution 1 and solution 2 from a few years back.

But with the new house the large bench for storing trash no longer fit in the kitchen. Instead we're using it for laundry in the bedroom now.

Our new solution is partly IKEA again. It's a corpus from the METOD series with two MAXIMERA drawers. The top we made our self from a piece of wood we still had around. Instead of legs, we out casters under the unit to be able to move it around if necessary. It all fits very nice with the style of the rest of the kitchen.

The big problem to solve then, was to find bins that would fit into the drawers and use the space available as efficient as possible. The way the MAXIMERA drawers are assembled means that they have a curvature at the inner sides, reducing the actual size of the drawer bottom by a couple of centimeters. On the other hand you have much more space at the top of the drawer.

So what we needed was some V-shaped bins. Of course it is impossible to find ready made bins in exactly the right shape, so we built our own. The construction is quite simple. It's just a bit of plywood cut to the right size on my new table saw. A bit of square wood strengthens the corners. The bottom is made from particle board. A round over with the router finishes the product.

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