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New Compost

Ever since we bought the house, there are two things I find somehow relaxing. One is mucking around in the workshop of course. The other is tending to the compost.

Turning food and garden scraps into usable soil is quite fascinating to me and I watched a gazillion YouTube videos on the topic.

Our existing compost was basically two wooden crates, which worked but had some restrictions I didn't like. The crates were too small and because they could only be accessed from the top, turning the compost was difficult.

I wanted a system that was open at the front, so it would be easy to shovel from one pile to the next. So that's what I built this weekend.

I bought two ready made metal composters. But instead of assembling them as intended (which would have been just the same as the old ones), I erected fence posts and screwed the metal walls in between.

I guess it should be clear from the pictures:

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