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Tool Time: GKS 18V-57G and a DIY FSN-800

I bought a new tool for the workshop. I'm building new storage and need to process quite a few OSB sheets for that. They are too large to handle on the table saw and making straight cuts with a jig saw is something I still haven't managed.

I bought a Bosch GKS 18V-57G as it fits my existing 18V battery tools.

It works just fine for what I need and the dust collection is decent enough. But I am wondering if there's a way to add some 3D printed side cover to improve dust collection even more… I'll have to think a bit more about that.

The very first thing I did was build a simple holder for my French cleat system. A simple half hour build from scrap wood as usual. I am proud of the idea to make the parallel guide stick to it with magnet tape, though.

The next thing I needed was a track guide. The offical way is to buy another accessory. The Bosch FSN 800. However that 80cm piece of aluminum is a whopping 60 Euro! That's more than a third of what the saw costs. Longer ones are even more expensive!

So of course I had to build one. The construction is relatively simple. The saw's base has 16mm grove. So I cut some beech wood to fit that grove - that's my rail. I super glued and nailed it to a piece of laminated plywood. Then it's just a matter of running the saw along the rail to cut the new edge.

To mount the guide I first used clamps, but then decided to add builtin “clamps”. A routed groove fits two M8 screws, wingnuts on the other side hold my improvised clamps in place. I might replace them with some T-Track clamps later…

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