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Tool Time: Earmuff Bluetooth Hearing Protection

One on my most favorite tools in the workshop is an unexpected one because it isn't really a tool. It's my hearing protection.

Hearing protection is essential when operating machines like my table and miter saws, the nail gun or similar. And since I make use of all these machines a lot when working on projects, I tend to wear my hearing protection permanently instead of taking it on and off all the time.

And while it's possible to listen to music while wearing protection if you just turn up the volume enough, listening to spoken word is near impossible.

So I was excited when I learned about hearing protection with builtin Bluetooth speakers.

My first attempt however was disappointing. Naturally I reached for a well known brand: the 3M Worktunes. They were comfortable and paired easily with my phone. The hearing protection part worked just fine, too. What didn't work was the actual Bluetooth connection. Despite my phone being in my pants pocket, the connection kept stuttering again and again.

So back to Amazon they went and I gave some unknown brand a try. The Earmuff work are distributed by a German company called RC Profis. I don't think they are produced by them though.

The Earmuffs look very much like a clone of the 3M Worktunes, except for two extra buttons. But unlike with the Worktunes, the Earmuffs actually provide what they advertise: a working Bluetooth connection.

I find them comfortable enough to wear for several hours and they enable me to listen to podcasts while I work.

Highly recommended.

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