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Hüttenrode May 11th 1987


Joseph's Cross at the Auerberg

Today we climbed the Joseph's Cross (largest Cross in Germany) with 200 steps and 100000 bolts.

Then we've been to Güntersberge. There we did a N.L.-Hike. Afterwards we visited the St. Martin Church.


Joseph Cross is a 38m high steel construction from the 1880ies. According to Wikipedia it was closed for renovations in 1987 – shortly after my visit.

In the entry above, I say “we climbed” but actually I remember that I gave up half way, because I found the stairs too scary.

Here's the picture I took back then:


The N.L.-Hike refers to a thing called “Naturlehrpfad” - “Nature Education Trail”. It's a signposted trail explaining the local fauna and flora.

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