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Hüttenrode May 13th 1987


Otto Rock

Today we drove to Wernigerode. And from there we took the Harzquerbahn to Drei-Annen-Hohne. And there we visited the restaurant Drei Annen, from there we hiked via the Otto rock to the Steinernen Renne. Then we took the Harzquerbahn back to Wernigerode.


IIRC my parents and I did this hike multiple times over the years.The Harzquerbahn is a narrow gauge steam powered railway connecting several sightseeing locations in the Harz region. It's always a fun ride, even though it's much more expensive than the 30 Pfennig back then.

We repeated this hike in in 2013/14. The Otto rock is still standing and gives a nice view across the forest and there are still restaurants at Drei-Annen-Hohne and Steinerne Renne.


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