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Broken Computer

When I switched on my desktop this morning it booted, asked me for my login and SSH passphrase and then froze. Completely. I hit the reset button, monitors went blank and – well, they stayed black. Switching off and on again didn't change anything. A quick look inside the case assured me the thing was running, all fans turning, all LEDs lit. But it didn't boot. I guess it isn't something really bad. Probably the power supply. But when I saw this, something back in my mind yelled “Hey buy a new one! Now!”. Well you can't argue with such a reasonable voice, can you?

I just went online (using my laptop) and ordered a lot of shiny new stuff: a P4 dualcore CPU, 2x 1Gig of RAM, a passive cooled GeForce 6600GT, a new mainboard, a 80Gig SATA disk and a silent (and blue glowing 8-)) power supply.

I guess my mother will be happy I did this. She can get my old stuff (when I find the problem) which is still more powerful than her old AMD Duron.

PS: Everyone click on the ads, I need money to pay for the stuff ;-)

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