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Just a few things worth blogging…

You probably already came across the recent security announcements for DokuWiki - get your update now. The mentioned security flaw gave me exposure at Heise, one of Germany's biggest IT-News sites. This had a huge impact on the server load and I had to disable all AJAX features here at splitbrain (the Mini-Wiki and the DokuWiki showcase). They may return at a later time but for now they are off.

I also moved the Stencil Street Art site to flickr. Tags are just so much better for organizing. streetart.splitbrain.org now hosts a nice randomized portal to the flickr pool.

The pam_require module was updated as well, incorporating a patch I got by Xim Tur i Massanet.

Today I replaced the old 17“ CRT used as secondary monitor with a nice 19” Samtron 94B TFT - much more space now on both desktops, the real wooden one and the one at my screens :-) The CPU cooler was exchanged, too. I now have a huge Arctic Freezer Pro7 monster which is much quieter than Intel's boxed model.

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