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I use the service by 10³bees to track and analyze the search terms visitors use to find my pages. 10³bees has a nice feature to list the natural questions people entered at the search engine. I had a look at this list and found that many of these questions are interesting but not really answered by any of my pages. So why not answer them in an article?

Here they come: your questions answered…

Where is Waldo? Where is Wally?

These are the top most asked search questions, leading people to my 2000 bloggers entry which most probably doesn't answer the question. I didn't even knew that in some parts of the world Waldo is named Wally.

So where is he? He is hidden somewhere between all those other people. Look out for his white/red striped hat. Here are a few links that might be interesting to you Waldo/Wally seekers:

Does my PC have to be on for my Wii to connect to the internet?

No. The Wii will connect to your wireless network router just as your PC does. If you don't have WiFi you can buy a special Wii LAN adapter. For more info see the Nintendo Support

How to earn Wii points?

Wii Points can be used to buy Virtual Console games in the Wii shopping channel. Points can currently only be bought with real money, either directly in the shopping channel using a credit card or by buying a prepaid card in a real world shop. Nintendo said that they will make Wii points available for “Nintendo Stars” but this is not possible at the time of writing. When they enable this you could “earn” Wii points by collecting stars for registering Nintendo products or certain actions on the Nintendo website (like logging in daily).

How to load a sidebar?

I assume you're talking about a Firefox/Mozilla sidebar. Sidebar content is simple HTML. To open some page in the sidebar, simply bookmark it, right click the bookmark, choose “Properties” and tick the “Load this bookmark in the sidebar” checkbox.

The HTML for the sidebar should be optimized for the small space. Links in the sidebar will open in the main window by default. If you want them to stay in the sidebar you need to assign the _self target attribute.

How to use Sine in Java?

The sine function is provided by the java.lang.Math package and is called sin. Here is a pretty simple example of its usage:

class SineExample {
    public static void main (String args[]) {
        double in  = 8.0;
        double out = Math.sin(in);
        System.out.print("The sine of "+in+" is "+out+"\n");
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