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I just got tagged by Kaddi, so I took the time to translate the questions and answer them here.

1.) Grab the book, nearest to you, open page 18 and quote line four.

It's Squid - The definitive Guide and line four (ignoring the code listing in between) is:

remote (foreign) port number. The ephemeral ports have in the TIME_WAIT state, you proba-

2.) Reach out with your left arm as far as possible. What do you have in your left hand?

My hat.

3.) What did you see on TV last?

A documentation on Bhutan (the country not the gas)

4.) Except the computer, what can you hear right now?

My boss talking on the phone in the next room.

5.) When have you been outstside last?

A few minutes ago, for lunch.

6.) What did you do right before answering these questions?

Talking with my boss about a new project.

7.) What do you wear right now?

Undergarments, socks, black cargo trousers, boots and a Megatokyo t-shirt.

8.) What did you dream last night?

I can't remember. The last dream I can remember was about me driving a stolen Mercedes automatic.

9.) When did you laugh the last time?

Just now. I opened my terminal and fortune told me this:

A: Chicken Teriyaki.
Q: What is the name of the world's oldest kamikaze pilot?

But I like to laugh more, so anyone who reads this, please post a joke in the comments to make me laugh!

10.) What is on the walls of the room you're currently located in?

A whiteboard, photos of my Boss' children (we share an office). There was a poster of the world with IP addressblocks behind me but the tape wasn't strong enough and it fell off.

11.) Did you see anything strange recently?

I saw an old man with two fleshy stumps instead of a hand earlier this day.

12.) What do you think about this survey.

It's fun :-) (Remember: I love stupid online tests :-P)

13.) What was the last movie you have seen?

Mein Führer - a comededian/tragical movie about Hitler and his jewish speech trainer.

14.) What would you buy if you'd be a multi billionaire suddenly?

Probably a nice roof top flat and a lot of gadgets ;-)

15.) Tell me something I didn't knew about you!

There are many silly facts at my 100 things about me list already - just choose one you didn't knew, yet.

16.) If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Making people more social responsible-minded.

17.) Do you like to dance?

Depends on the music. I can't do any of the classic stuff, but hopping around without strict rules is much fun and I like it. So I guess the answer is yes.

18.) George Bush!

Is that a question? Sr. or Jr.? I wish they would be the only problem this world has.

19.) Imagine your firstborn is a girl. How would you name her?

I have no idea, I guess her mother would overrule my decision anyway ;-)

20.) And a boy?

See 19)

21.) Would you consider to emigrate?

Yes. Preferable a english speaking country because I suck at learning languages.

22.) What would you say when you meet God at heaven's door?

I don't believe in deities. But if I'd really meet her I'd probably say “Oops, looks like I was wrong” ;-)

23.) Name three people who should answer this, too

Because DokuWiki doesn't send trackbacks I need to choose some frequent readers in the hope they'll read it. So I tag Foosel, Chi and anyone from my MyBlogLog reader community.

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