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Your questions answered #2

Who is subscribed to my feed?

Feedburner Statistics If you want names, this cannot be answered. But if you are interested in general statistics about your readers, I can recommend Feedburner. By redirecting your feed through their service you will gain information on the number of subscribers, item clicks and what feed readers they use. Feedburner also offers some services to enhance your feed with additional information.

How to detect who has read your blog?

This is similar to the previous question. General statistics can be gathered through various services. Performancing Metrics and Google Analytics do a pretty good job on that. If you like some more personal info you should join MyBlogLog. They offer a widget which shows who has recently visited your site. This is limited to MyBlogLog members only of course. But is a great way to learn more about your readers.

Do i need a Wii remote and Nunchuk for Rayman?

Rayman Raving Rabbids contains a bunch of mini games. Not all of the games need a Nunchuk controller. If you want to play the single player mode you will need a Nunchuck (but you should got one with your Wii).

Websnappr how they do it?

Websnappr creates automatic website thumbnails. I have no insight on how they do it but the general mechanism is simple. You just need to render a page in a common browser and then take a screenshot. Of course to do it in a large scale you need a way to automate it. There are several ways, to do it. I wrote a script using the Opera browser to do so, others use Internet Explorer.

How to detect if the site was opened in a frame?

You can use JavaScript to check the number of frames in the parent window. Eg. to make sure your page is not loaded in a foreign frameset you could use the following snippet:

<script type="text/javascript">
    if (self.parent.frames.length != 0)
        self.parent.location = document.location;

How to open README.Debian.gz?

This is a gziped text file. There are several ways to read the file. The simplest is probably zless which is a wrapper around gzip and less. Use it like this:

$> zless README.Debian.gz

What is an icon file?

I assume you're referring to the omnipresent Windows .ico format. Many people believe it is just a renamed .bmp bitmap file. While renaming a .bmp file will work as icon on Windows, the ico format is capable to hold many different sized images with multiple color depths. Refer to Wikipedia for more details and a list of other useful resources.

DokuWiki Themes?

That's not a question, but I'll answer it anyway :-). Themes are called templates in DokuWiki. A template consists of two or three PHP files which contain all the HTML layout for DokuWiki. Where dynamically content is to be placed, predefined PHP functions have to be called. If you are experienced with Wordpress themes, this should be familiar to you. Additionally to these PHP files, CSS, javascript and images can be stored along with the template. Templates have to placed in their own subdirectory in lib/tpl/. A list of available templates can be found at wiki:tpl:templates.

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