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Blog Recommendations

Today, Chi presented five blog recommendations and asked his readers to do the same. I like the idea – so here are my recommendations:

Jeremy Zawodny's blog: Jeremy works at Yahoo!, but his topics are not necessarily Yahoo! centric. He talks about all kind of technologies, web development and his hobby: flying.

Simon Willison's Weblog: Another personal blog with a strong focus on web development. Simon's current focus is strong on OpenID, JavaScript and the Python framework Django. Be sure to subscribe to his linkblog, too – those links tend to be excellent.

ilovecode: Blog of Sara – webdeveloper and blogger who moved from the US to Belgium. Sara covers a broad band of topics and recently started a forum for bloggers.

Trends in Japan is a blog I just discovered recently. As the name suggests it covers all things Nippon. If you have a soft spot for Japanese sillyness culture and gadgets, you'll like this.

The Dilbert Blog: You probably know Dilbert, but you may not know about its author's blog. Scott Adams is not only a good cartoonist but a great writer, too. Despite the name his blog does not focus on Dilbert but on pretty much everything you can imagine – most often with a funny twist.

Those are some of my most favorite blogs, maybe there were some you like, too. If not, it is probably because we don't share too much of the same interests. If you like to find bloggers closer to your own preferences I'd suggest to try the Feedbuddy service, which will connect you to like minded people based on your RSS subscriptions.

Now it's your turn – please post your blog recommendations.

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