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bosshoss.jpg This Saturday I went to a concert again. Kaddi's family was in town for the Easter holidays and her Dad wanted to go. So we all did. The band was The Boss Hoss which does some mix between Country and Rock'n'Roll1).

I knew some of their songs before and did like them a lot, but I was skeptical how this would work out on the stage. But The Boss Hoss live exceeded all my expectations. The seven guys performed one of the best live shows I've ever seen.

It could have been a concert to tell your kids about. But there was one thing that sucked really bad: the audience. Man, where they lame. Can you imagine a hall with 5 to 10 thousand people and many of them hardly move a leg?

They didn't even move when Special Guest Plastic Bertrand performed his famous “Ça Plane Pour Moi” with the band. And when asked to kneel down for a big jump, you mustn't think more than half of the hall did.

I have no idea why all those people went to a live concert. They could have had the same fun by watching a DVD. *shakes head*

I still had a lot of fun, but it could have been better with the right people.

Did you ever attend a concert with an awful audience, even though the band was great?

(Music and crappy phone pics after the jump)

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