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I have Internet!

photo by Leia

I know, that's nothing special but after today it is for me.

Here's how it went:

Waking up, booting my desktop PC, checking mails… oops can't connect. Hmm… pppd is complaining about getting no PADO packets. Resetting the DSL modem does not help either.

Wait, I had ordered an upgrade of my line from 2 to 16MBit a while ago. They sent me a target date recently, could it be today? Let's check my emails… whoops. Well it probably is today. Let's wait a while.

A shower and a coffee later: still no net. I better call them. Uhm, where are my contract details again?

Half an our later:

  • Me: My internet is not working1). Are you upgrading today?
  • QSC rep: Yes it's today. Telekom needs to switch something. Did you setup your new hardware already?
  • Me: New hardware? I've got no new hardware!
  • QSC rep: I see you did not order the Fritz! WLAN box
  • Me: No, I need no WLAN, I just want to use the modem I've got from you. Will that work?
  • QSC rep: What modem is it?
  • Me: Dunno, it's labeled Speedstream
  • QSC rep: That will work. No worry just wait for the switch.
  • Me: Okay, I'll wait for the switch. <HUP>

Okay, grabbing my EeePC and off to the next cafe for breakfast and free WiFi.

2 hours later. Home again. Still no internet. Let's call them again:

  • Me: My internet is supposed to be upgraded this morning but it's still not working.
  • QSC rep: Did you set up the new hardware already?
  • Me: *sigh* no hardware, old modem, yada, yada, yada
  • QSC rep: That won't work. You are switching from SDSL to ADSL. You need new hardware.
  • Me: WTF??? Why the hell didn't tell me anyone when ordering the upgrade?
  • QSC rep: You chose “basic package” on the order form.
  • Me: Yes.
  • QSC rep: But it does not include the hardware.
  • Me: Uhm if I *need* new hardware to use your “upgraded” service why are you even asking me what package to choose? What would I want with a “basic package” that does not include hardware if I can't use your service without new hardware?
  • QSC rep: dunno
  • Me: *sigh* How long does it take to send the new hardware?
  • QSC rep: Two business days at least
  • Me: Uhm it's Friday. That means I'll have no net until Wednesday at least?
  • QSC rep: Jupp
  • Me: Well, then downgrade my line again.
  • QSC rep: Sorry, that's not possible.
  • Me: ???
  • QSC rep: Sorry.
  • Me: *sigh* Well, send that hardware! <HUP>

A little while later, my phone rings.

  • QSC rep: Hi, we talked earlier. We can't send the hardware.
  • Me: WTF?
  • QSC rep: The hardware can only be ordered with an upgrade, but your line is already upgraded.
  • Me: WTF?
  • QSC rep:
  • Me: I did not order hardware because you did not inform me correctly and now you're telling me you can not send the hardware I need to use your service?
  • QSC rep: Uhm. Wait a minute…
  • <annoying beeping that is meant to be music>
  • QSC rep: Hi, I have to give this to another department. They will call you back.
  • Me: Great! when?
  • QSC rep: dunno
  • Me: Then connect me directly!
  • QSC rep: sorry not possible yada, yada, yada… <HUP>

Now what? I have to wait for a call that probably will not come before Monday and it is not clear if I will finally get the needed hardware? That could mean a whole week or more without internet!

So why do I have internet now? Because I went and bought me my own hardware. Of course I now have a WLAN/DSL router2) I thought I wouldn't need. And of course it was a bit more expensive than the hardware I would have got from QSC.

But at least I have internet.

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