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Performancing Ads Reloaded

Performancing Ads After ditching Project Wonderful, I was looking for some other ad solution to try. The one I came across is an old acquaintance. Performancing Ads1) tried to enter the ad business some years ago but didn't last long. Now they are trying again.

After registering at their site you create a description of your website and add some regions (like “right margin” or “footer”). To insert their ad code you need to download some PHP script. A JavaScript-only tag seems not to be available. This is most probably because they let you choose between follow and nofollow ads.

The Marketplace The spots are sold per week and you decide on the price your self. Performancing Ads will keep 40% of that. You can categorize your website in up to 3 categories and give additional tags to make it easily found on the marketplace.

The marketplace also lists a few basic values like Alexa and page rank, Yahoo links and Bloglines subscribers to give advertisers an idea about your traffic.

When your site isn't booked you can book your own ads for free. This also means you can do your own deals with advertisers and deliver them over their system for free.

My thoughts so far:

  • Setting your own price is hard, some guidance would be useful
  • The Marketplace sorts by Alexa rank → a Blogger blog will automatically inherit a high rank from the top level domain
  • There seem to be few advertisers currently, Performancing itself booked the first ad on my blog
  • There are no display/click statistics, at least not for publishers

Like with Project Wonderful, I'm not convinced yet, but I will try them for a while. You can book an ad on my site here.

Do you use Performancing Ads? As a publisher or advertiser? What's your experience? Please let me know in the comments.

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