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The Big DokuWiki Wiki Reorganization


This weekend was a pretty busy one for a handful of people from the DokuWiki community. We did a long overdue reorganization of the whole DokuWiki documentation.

The DokuWiki docs grew with the wiki. When I set up the first DokuWiki instance it was in a subdirectory here at the splitbrain.org site. It was my personal wiki which happened to store a bit of documentation for the software it self in the wiki namespace. When DokuWiki became more popular I moved the wiki to wiki.splitbrain.org, but still all docs resided in the wiki subnamespace.

Later I obtained the dokuwiki.org domain but did not use it for the wiki it self. It just redirected to wiki.splitbrain.org and was used for the forum at forum.dokuwiki.org.

This weekend I finally moved all my personal stuff off the wiki to a new site at notes.splitbrain.org. The DokuWiki documentation was moved out of the wiki namespace up to the toplevel and the whole wiki moved over to www.dokuwiki.org.

But the reorganization did not stop there. Instead we had a look at all pages and tried to reorganize them in a way that is more logical and consistent. Many pages were cleaned up or rewritten. A lot of outdated stuff was removed.

The content is now laid out like this:

  • All general “user level” documentation and feature descriptions are at the toplevel namespace
  • Each Configuration option has its own page in the conf namespace
  • Development documentation is available in the devel namespace
  • Plugins have their own plugin namespace
  • The same goes for Templates in the template namespace
  • And finally there are Tips and the FAQs in their own namespaces

Simple and quite obvious, but a huge improvement on the more scattered layout we used to have before.

There are still many parts of the docs that could use some cleanup, but I'm confident we will fix those in the next weeks as well.

I want to say a big thanks to all those who helped and spent their weekend with editing wiki pages. Thank you Michael Klier, Colin Lorrain, Boris Le Ninivin, Anika Henke, Felipe Uderman and Laynee.

Now, if you want to help here is what you can do:

  • Search for pages marked with NEEDSATTENTION or FIXME and clean them up
  • Check translations and update them to match their english counterparts
  • Help spreading the new domain www.dokuwiki.org by updating links in WikiPedia, your blogs or other websites
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