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Tales of Monkey Island

I'm a huuuge Monkey Island fan (in case you didn't know). I just played through the first episode of the new “Tales of Monkey Island” series created by Telltale Games. It took me about 3 and a half hours and it was a lot of fun.

Check the trailer to get some general feeling of the game:

What I didn't like about the game: The controls. I have no idea how they could come up with that strange point'n'drag stuff. Simple point'n'click would have been so much better. Luckily you can also use the arrow keys to move Guybrush around – much easier IMHO. I'm also still a bit sad about the loss of word inventories in adventure games, but that's not specific to this game.

So what was there to like? Everything else! The game is fun, the riddles logical (maybe a tiny bit too linear) and the voices are very well done. But the best of all is the music of course. The soundtrack is done by Monkey Island's original composer Michael Land – just wonderful.

Don't get me wrong. Tales of Monkey Island will never reach the genius and deepness of the first two games. But it is a very worthy adaption of the series to the modern days and I can't wait to play the next episode.

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