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My Wishlist for Google Buzz

Google Buzz came out a few days ago and IMHO it has the potential to take over from the slowly dying Friendfeed. But currently it still feels a bit rough on the edges. Maybe Google could use a few tips?

Dear Google, here's my personal wishlist:

  • More control over the imported websites. FriendFeed did this exactly right. Give me an easy way to add my services.
  • Support more services natively. Eg. importing the RSS feed for identi.ca is not good enough, because title and description are the same in the feed - use their API instead!
  • Let me import contacts. I built up a contact list on Twitter and identi.ca over the last years. Most of these people are probably on Buzz, too. Give me an easy way to follow them.
  • Waste less screen space. I can see only 3 to 4 items at once! You managed to build a very effective interface for Google Reader and GMail. Please try harder on Buzz!
  • Let me “like” comments. Often comments are better then the orginal post itself. Give me a way to appreciate this.
  • Do not let AJAX updates mess up my scrolling. Currently when I scroll down to read older entries, new entry are automatically loaded via AJAX and inserted at the top. This messes up my scroll position and interrupts my reading.
  • Synchronize the read state with Google Reader. When I read something in Buzz, mark it as read in Google Reader please. At least do this for items that were shared via Google Reader.
  • Add back channels to services that support it. Push comments on Twitter items back to Twitter. Do the same for identi.ca, Facebook and whatever else there is.
  • Finally solve the comment fragmentation problem by defining an API blog owners can implement to receive blog post comments from Buzz in their blog. Or maybe just implement Pingback or Trackback. I know this is a complex problem, but you're Google. If you can't solve this, who else can?

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

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