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How my Web 2.0 Lifestream works

Schockwellenreiter asked how to organize your lifestream. So here is how it looks for me currently:

There are many services that get manual input from me (shown with red lines). I didn't put all services in the graphic but only the most important ones.

Nearly all of them are aggregated by Friendfeed. All pull aggregations are shown in green.

My Linkblog pulls this aggregated data back to my website through the Friendfeed API. The custom plugin I use for this also filters the stream to avoid loops and too much clutter (eg. identi.ca messages are excluded).

I then use feed2omb to push my blog and linkblog entries to identi.ca. All pushes are shown in blue. Identi.ca does also push all my updates there to Twitter and Facebook. The latter are not primary interaction sites for me but sometimes I comment there (shown as a dotted red line).

My soup.io only gets photos and videos as this is more of a visual service. My Playstation trophies unfortunately are currently only available via Facebook because Sony doesn't provide any other mechanisms.

Any questions? How do you organize your various streams? Let me know in the comments please.

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