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New Link Blogging

When you're reading this at splitbrain.org (and not in a feed reader) you might have noticed that the “Linkblog” has vanished from the navigation.

For too long this part of my website was laying dormant. However I still like to have a way to share interesting links in a semi automated way. These links are created and curated at various places (my Pinboard bookmarks, InoReader shares, Stackoverflow questions, Github activities, and so on).

They were originally aggregated at Friendfeed - a service that became a wasteland after Facebook bought it years ago. So I set down and wrote my own aggregator. It's a DokuWiki plugin that uses DokuWiki's feed aggregator SimplePie to fetch the items from their various sources and stores them in a SQLite database. From there they can be recombined as a new single RSS feed as well as be integrated into the website here.

The new RSS feed will also try to provide the actual content the links point to by using the readability service. Sometimes that's works great. Sometimes it's a mess and you're better off following the link.

The links BTW are now shown directly on the front page chronologically mixed with the actual blog posts.

So if you're interested in the links I share, either subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter.

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