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New Traffic Hazard

Wow. It's done. It took me about a year and two attempts on the exam but I'm finally allowed to drive a car :-) *doing a little happy dance*.

my license, with obligatory bad photo of me

This will come as a surprise to anyone except Kaddi, because I told no one I'm taking driving lessons and also weaseled out of the topic when ever it came up. Sorry to everyone who feels cheated - I just wanted to take the time it needed to learn without being constantly asked about my progress.

Learning to drive was something completely different from what I usually do. When you drive a car there's not much time to think your next actions through - you have to decide quickly. This isn't necessarily my strong side ;-). Maybe that's why I don't like Jump'n'Run games either…

Theory and the written exam on the other hand were a piece of cake. I think I might have passed that one without even learning, but of course I did. I used the excellent iFahrschule app for the iPhone exclusively. It's much cheaper than buying the book and perfect to learn on the go.

Todays driving test wasn't my best driving ever, but I didn't do any huge mistakes and apparently that was enough to let me on the road on my own. Now I need to see how to make use of my new skills. I'll probably join some car sharing club…

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