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July Books

Here we are again, the monthly book post. Three this time :-)

ISBN 0345467175

Yes, this book is as good as everyone says. I finally came around to read it and even though it is even older than I am, it seems quite current. The recent AntiSec events made me think of this book again.

ISBN 0812980530

This book is a fascinating read. The story's heroes, two sisters from Shanghai, go through so much shit: their father gambling away their fortune, bombing and raping by the Japanese, American immigration procedures, the McCarthy era, family tragedies… and still, I couldn't stop reading… Recommended.

ISBN 1613820348

Another classic. I thought I know the story already, but really I didn't. It's just that the Invisible Man is so much woven into pop culture that it seems familiar and known. The original story itself, I have to admit, was just okay-ish though.

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