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What I don't like about the Nexus 4

Since yesterday, I'm happy owner of a Nexus 4. But everyone who has one seems to be happy, so I spare you 1000th post about all the cool features the Nexus 4 has and instead write about the few things I don't like.

Yes, this is a nitpicking article :-)

No changeable Battery

My first tests indicate that the battery life of the Nexus 4 is much better than on my Nexus S. But that might change over time. Batteries are known to get worse over time. The Nexus 4 has no way to change the battery or replace it with a bigger one without prying the device open.

I knew that before I bought it, but I still don't like it.

Simcard Tool

Just as my old iPhone 3G, the Nexus 4 needs a little tool to open the SIM card compartment. Granted, a paperclip will do just as fine.

It's still a hassle for people frequently traveling between countries or who regularly need to change SIM cards for other reasons. At least you can switch the SIM without taking out the battery ;-).

MicroSIM only

This was a real suprise for me. The Nexus 4 uses MicroSim cards. I had to contact my Mobile Provider to get a new SIM card (I didn't feel like applying scissors to my normal sized SIM).

I fear that this will be become painful when travelling to other countries and buying prepaid SIM cards - all I bought so far where normal sized ones. The lack of compatibility is not worth the saving of a few millimeters of plastic IMHO.

No Curved Screen

The slightly curved screen was the signature feature of the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus devices. Barely noticeable by the eye, it still made things easier to reach with just a thumb.

The huge screen of the Nexus 4 would have benefited from it too, but it's completely flat.


Well, the Nexus 4 headphones don't suck. But that's simply because they don't exist. This is the first smart phone I bought that did not come with any headset. Good that I have my own anyway.

But there's another thing I don't like. The headset jack is on the wrong end of the phone: it's at the top. I tend to have the phone in my front left jeans pocket. When I'm putting it away, the natural movement puts it upside down in my pocket. Which should make it clear that the correct end for the headphone jack is the bottom one!


Just kidding. I don't really care about that one :-)

As you can see, I tried hard but couldn't find any really bad flaw with the Nexus 4. The best phone I had, so far.

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