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A curious Letter

Sometimes I get weird letters. But today must be some kind of record for weirdness.

When I came home I found this manila envelope in my letter box:


A letter from Canada? I couldn't remember ordering anything from there. But who knows, maybe I just forgot.

However when I opened it, there was another envelope:


Shit. Lawyers. Did I accidentally infringe someone's copyright? But why a tax and estate lawyer then? Did I forget to pay some taxes?

So fearing the worst, I opened that second envelope to find this most curious letter:

What the actual fuck? Of course I don't have an uncle called Sherman Winkel. Winkel is not even a name in my family. Though Kaddi's surname was Winkel before she married me.

At that point I thought I had it all figured out. We recently married in Las Vegas. They probably publish new marriage records there (or our wedding chapel, the photographer or the document handling company sold it). So someone got my name and address as well as the name of my wife and is now using it for an elaborate scam.

There will probably another letter letting me know I inherited like a million dollars and all I have to do is pay some small fee of a few thousand dollars…

Some points were interesting though:

  • A Canadian sender
  • Very good quality paper
  • $5.65 postage fees

That's quite an investment for a scam. Well, I had a laugh.

It could have stopped there but when I was about to throw away the manila envelope I noticed something else in there. A paper clipping in a plastic wrap:

uncle_sherman4.jpg uncle_sherman5.jpg

Now it got really fun. Apparently my supposed uncle was a Professor who found some mysterious Native American artifacts!? For a scam someone really did go all the way!

Time to investigate a bit more:

  • The date at the top says Monday April 1 – good joke? or just accidentally cut a number between 10 and 19?
  • The back side shows an advertising for a Nokia 3310 which places the year around 2000
  • Google completes “█████ and █████” to “█████ and █████ estate and tax lawyers” however the first hit is █████ which doesn't mention a █████ nor lists the address given on the letter

However a tiny bit of googling finally brought me the answer in a reddit thread. Apparently someone bought me a mystery!? It seems to be some kind of game. I didn't read the whole thread to not spoil myself any further. But I'm now looking forward to the next letter :-)

Thanks to whoever did this.

Update: I blacked out some names in the text to make it a little harder for others to spoil themselves.

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Posted on Tuesday, November the 29th 2016 (5 months ago).


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