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Adventure Time

I recently played through two new point'n'click adventure games. Here's what I think about them.

Thimbleweed Park

First of all, I'm super happy that there are still old school adventure games coming out. It's one of my favorite computer game genres.

So I was especially excited for Thimbleweed Park. I backed it at Kickstarter about two years ago. With names like Ron Gilbert (of Monkey Island fame) and Mark Ferrari (one of the greatest pixel artists ever) this had to be good.

And yes, I enjoyed the 15 or so hours it took me to complete the game. The graphics are old school but gorgeous, the puzzles logical and I laughed out loud a couple of times. Money well spent.

However, I can not deny a slight disappointment as well. Like many others I was not a huge fan of the end and I feel the many different characters to play felt more like a gimmick than actually helping to make the game more interesting.

I had very high expectations for this game. In the end it was just a good game and not a fantastic game.

However there's one hope: Ron Gilbert might decide to release the brand new engine he developed for Thimbleweed Park as Open Source in the future. From reading his developer blog posts, it seems to be quite good. This could do a lot for the indie adventure game scene which currently focuses on the somewhat aged Adventure Game Studio (AGS). That way Thimbleweed Park could prove to have more impact than just being another adventure game.

Kathy Rain

This is a game I bought immediately after seeing the trailer and it did not disappoint. It comes form a one-man studio and was made with AGS. Graphics are a lot worse than in Thimbleweed Park of course, however the voice acting is great.

I really liked the main character and the story was good, too. It has the right amount of mystery to keep you hooked and leaves some things to think about after the credits roll.

The puzzles are always logical and I never felt lost. Hardcore adventure gamers might think the game gives a few too many hints. However I liked that very much. When stuck, you can always “look” at or “think” about the objects at hand and the protagonist will usually say something helpful without shoving a literal spoiler into your face.

It took me a little over 5 hours to play through Kathy Rain. Now go and buy it, so the author has money to do another one ;-).

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