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Scrap Wood Dice Tower

When YouTube wood workers talk about how they built something out of scrap wood, they usually talk about off-cuts of perfectly fine baltic birch plywood in sizes larger than a sheet of paper.

When I talk about scrap wood, I talk about this:


These are some of the leftovers from my old IKEA shelves I recently replaced. As you can see, they have rather large screw holes in the ends and lots of nail holes on the sides. The logs aren't very large either.

I didn't want to threw them away, so I decided to make a dice tower. In case you never heard of them: you put your dice in the top and they come out well randomized at the bottom. No need for shaking and no risk of them rolling off the table.

I sawed the scrap pieces into thin strips of roughly the same thickness, then glued them together into boards, which I then sent through my thickness planer. I forgot to take pictures of the process but here's a similar glue job of a previous project:


For the tray part of the tower, I had to use even thinner leftovers, so I added a horizontal strip at one end of the panels for increased structural strength. It also looked much nicer.

Only the inner ramps were made from plywood. Ramps and the tray floor got lined with blue leather. All edges got a round-over on the router table and everything was sanded smooth and finished with a coat of oil.

Tray and tower can be neatly stacked for easy storage. I really like the results.

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