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Google as Browser History

When was the last time you said: “Damned, I read something about it a few weeks ago but I can't remember on which website”? This happens frequently to me. I usually bookmark everything I might find useful someday but of course you can't bookmark every site you visit. Or can you?

Google recently announced their own bookmarking service. AFAIK not many people use it. The bookmarks are private only, so there is no social component and services like del.icio.us are much more popular. But there is one thing you can't get on del.icio.us: The world's biggest search index. When searching your bookmarks at Google it does not only search the title, description and tags you entered, but uses it's search index, too.

So how does this solve the problem? Well, imagine a Firefox extension which will automatically bookmark each page you visit at Google. Voilá - there it is: your personal view on the internet restricted to only the things you have seen already. When ever you need to refind a page you've visited once, just search your Google bookmarks.

The gBrain preferences Sounds good doesn't it? The only thing missing is the Firefox extension which does it. No longer. I just read some tutorials and built my first very own firefox extension called gBrain. So far it works but it still needs some work.

Because that's so Web 2.0, I hereby announce the first private Beta of gBrain. :-) If you like a copy just drop me a mail.

Update: Now in public beta

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