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1024 is the new 800

Looks like I'm a trendsetter now :-). Christian Montoya wrote a nice article on the general trends of the latest CSS reboot happening. 1024 pixel width, silk icons and light colours on dark backgrounds seem to be hip now. Got it all in my design and it even went online before the May 1st reboot day :-) The only thing currently missing is the “Beefy Footers” thing.

But I'm wondering about the fixed layouts. I just recently changed from a completly liquid one to a one with a maximum width. This is because lines are very hard to read if they get too long. On the other hand people with large monitors can't use them to the full with fixed layouts. I think fixed (or maximum-) widths are nessessary for the main content (eg. text) but the rest of the screen should be used better than currently in most designs. This could be done with the “Beefy Footers” mentioned above. Instead of defining them as footer per se, they should be treated as additional content column which floats down to be a footer on smaller screens.

Maybe I will implement it here later. All I need now are some ideas on what content to put into the footer/column.

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