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Keyring Update

When I last wrote about my keyring I just had assembled it, so there wasn't any real life use experience on the tools I chose. Now, about one and a half month later I can say that I already had use for every single one of them. The flash light helped me find stuff in the dark trunk of our rental car, I found a faulty RAM block using memcheck on my USB stick and consequently removed it using my Swisstool to open the case.

However there was one tool I severely missed: a good bottle opener. The opener on the Swisstool works, but is just too much hassle to use. I needed a dedicated bottle opener that works without removing it from the key ring.

In the end I tried three different tools:


Multi Hex Opener KeyShark Brewzer
Material Aluminum Aluminum Steel
Length 8cm 4.8cm 6.4cm
Thickness 6mm 2mm 3.5mm
Weight ~9g ~2g ~15g
Functions Bottle Opener,
Hex Wrench
Bottle Opener Bottle Opener,
Screw Driver,
Hex Bit Holder,
Mini Prybar
Price $3.99 $4.99 £9.95

The Multi Hex is probably the easiest to use bottle opener because it gives you the most leverage, but otherwise it's just too bulky.

The KeyShark works and is so lightweight you won't notice it all. If you just want a bottle opener, that's your tool.

The Leatherman Brewzer is heavier than all the others but also works as a Mini-Prybar which might come in handy and was something I was contemplating anyway. So for now, the Brewzer is my 4th tool on my keyring.

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