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Games I liked in 2014

It's 2015 for a while now. Time to look back on the last year. I played quite a few (computer) games, so why not have a list of my favorites.

Please note, that they are listed here in no particular order. They are all available on steam. Oh and I realize that not all of them came out in 2014. But I played them in 2014 - that's what counts.

Gone Home

This might look like one of those horror survival games at first, but it isn't. In fact it's a very quiet, slow paced game telling a story of the 90ies. I loved it.


Valiant Hearts

100 years after the beginning World War I, this game came out. It's basically a puzzle action game with lots of info about the Great War. Warning: not exactly a happy end!


Prison Architect

This one might be morally questionable but it's great fun. If you enjoyed Sim City, Theme Hospital or Roller Coaster Tycoon, this might be for you.


Sleeping Dogs

GTA in Tokyo? It's well made open world game with an interesting story. I even recognized a few places. I enjoyed it.


Divinty: Original Sin

Actually I'm still playing this one. But I started in 2014. It might be my favorite of them all. If you liked Baldur's Gate, this might be right for you.


The Stanley Parabel

The trailer confuses you? The game will, too. It's still lots of fun and the narrator creates a wonderful Pythonesque atmosphere.


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