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Simple Way to Label Images

From time to time I need to add labels to an image. It might be a photo of a network rack, or my EDC Setup. Doing that in Gimp is a very tedious task and I could not find any tool or website that makes it easier for me.

Of course that itch had to be scratched and I'm happy to present my Image Labeler.

It runs completely client side and is just about 150 lines of vanilla JavaScript. So far I only tried it in Chrome, but I guess it should work in other modern browsers as well.

Usage is simple:

  • select a local image
  • click where you want a label
  • type the text and hit enter to create a new label
  • repeat til you're done
  • click one of the download links to get your labelled image

(server rack image © David Monniaux CC-BY-SA)

image, label, tool, service, javascript
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