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DIY Disk Sander

If at first you don't succeed, try again.

When I came into the possession of an old vacuum, it was a good opportunity to snatch its motor and try my hand again at building a disk sander1).


This time I skipped the lazy susan bearing and instead attached the disc directly to the shaft, reusing the nut it came with. For that I modified the 3D model from last time. Using Prusa Slicer's filament change option I added a pause while printing to directly embed the nut into the print. Previous tries with just using Epoxy to glue it in place weren't successful. A little printed pin helped to align the piece properly with the center.

The vacuum motor is not ideal. It spins much too fast2). So what I did was to add a motor speed controller. Dialing the power down makes it actually usable3).

I built the case and table from leftover MDF and plywood - a simple box construction. A hole in the side of the table lets me connect my dust collection.

The disc is roughly 230mm so standard 225mm sand paper fits very well. The attachment is done via an adhesive velcro pad.

For storage, I followed the following video to have it fold away under my work bench:

Since I don't have a welding unit I simply used M4 screws and lock nuts to combine the two hinges.

I call this a success.

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