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Casa Hedgehog

A while ago I took part in a study that observed wild animals in the city. We got a automatic camera for a couple of months and could see what animals are walking through our garden at night. I thought I had downloaded the best photos but I cannot find them anymore. I also don't really remember when that happened. Sometime in the blur of the pandemic…

The pics were mostly cats, but we also had visits by a fox and a raccoon once. One of the more frequent visitors was a hedgehog. Kaddi and I like hedgehogs.

Since fall is here now, it's time for them to look for winter quarters. And we're be happy to help. Last year we built a makeshift house from a few old bricks, but it was probably the wrong dimensions. At least it seems no one lived in it during the winter.

This year we wanted to do it properly. Kaddi found some plans and together we built Casa Hedgehog:

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