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Fustilinus - 2009 in Review

Kaddi tagged me with her 2009 review meme and luckily foosel already translated it. Before we start, here are the rules:

  1. Link to the website from which you got tagged.
  2. The name of the meme (“Fustilinus”) must be included in your post.
  3. List these rules.
  4. Tag two or three of your favourite blogs.

Okay, here we go:

Can you think of something that really sucked?

My government, but that's nothing new. So I go with Delta Airlines.

And what rocked?


How about your health – all fine or on the down slope?

Considering my somewhat unhealthy lifestyle, I'm doing pretty well.

Did you get yourself vaccinated against the (new) flu?


Did you make any big changes to yourself or around your place?

Hmm not really.

Are you happy about it?

Dunno, maybe it's time for a change?

Biggest acquisition of the year?

A 46“ Flatscreen TV.

Newest electronic gadget?

The newest is a Powermonkey eXplorer I got for my birthday.

Store in which you left the biggest amount of money (for non-food stuff)?

That would be Saturn, where I bought the TV and the Playstation 3. I'm as surprised to see an offline store here as you are.

Would you have noticed the economic crisis if nobody had talked about it?

Yes, a few of our customers struggled with it.

Did you go on vacation? If so, where to?

Iceland, Prague, Strasbourg.

Best movie?

Inglorious Basterds or Zombieland

Best TV-show(s)?

Boston Legal on DVD

Best book?

I haven't read much this year, so I go with A Man without a Country by Kurt Vonnegut.

Most loved game?

Little Big Planet, Battlefield 1943 (PSN) and Time Gentlemen, please.

Best song?

Schwarz zu Blau by Peter Fox was pretty good.

Worst catchy tune?

Hmm can't remember any. Lady Gaga's “Pokerface” wasn't that bad IMHO ;-).

Top 3 of your favourite feeds?

Instead of repeating these top 3 high profile feeds everyone already knows, I picked 3 somewhat more obscure ones from my reader:

Best public event?

RegioWiki Camp was great fun.

Best private gathering?

The Blog TNG developer meeting with Foosel and Chi.

Things you did for the first time?

Riding an Iceland Pony.

Did you craft something?

Yes a night stand.

Where did you spend Christmas?

A my mum's place

Do you have your own Christmas tree at home?


Did you manage to get together all the Christmas presents in time for the 24th of December?

Yes, thanks Amazon.

Best present for you?

So far I immensely enjoy Dragon Age on the PS3.

Most fun in giving a present?

The Fatboy beanbag for Kaddi, because she enjoys it so much.

What did you do on New Year's Eve?

Not much, having Fondue and playing the Settlers of Catan Card Game with Kaddi.

Does this planning for New Year's stress you so much as well?

Yes. That's why I usually try to not be at home at all at this time.

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?


Is there anything you want to do for the first time in the coming year?

Maybe finally get a drivers license. Let's hope I get up my lazy ass.

All in all: Was it an awesome year, a mediocre one or rather a stupid one?


That's it. I tag phrakture, Jacroe and Bert.

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