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splitbrain.org 2008 (number crunching cont'd)

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas presents. With Christmas being over, the year is coming to an end as well. Time for the yearly summary and statistics pr0n ;-).

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The Summary

This year made me a Twitter lover and tweaker until I ditched it for the much better and open identi.ca. I also discovered the world of life streaming and became an avid FriendFeed user.

In February I still wondered what phone to get. In August I had decided and got my iPhone. I also bought an EeePC which was a faithful companion on my visits to the re:publica, Linux Tag, FroSCon, WikiSym and Barcamp conferences.

On the personal side of things I moved to a new flat with Kaddi and spend some wonderful time at Usedom, Paris and New Zealand.

A good year I think.

The Numbers

Google Analytics Stats

Google Analytics tells me I had about 580,000 visits (+56%) resulting in roughly 960,000 page impressions (+35%). So I did not reach my goal of a million PIs this year, but came close. Also the ratio between the DokuWiki download page and the rest of my site improved: only every third view went there instead of every second like last year.

The blog part of my site received about 444,000 page views. This year I wrote 128 blog posts (including this one) which still amounts to nearly one post every three days.

The far most popular post this year is clearly visible in the graph above as a huge spike. It was featured on reddit and got a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon. Speaking of those, here are the top 5 social sites in my referrer logs:

  1. StumpleUpon 114,445 visits
  2. reddit 27,819 visits
  3. Hacker News 2,555 visits
  4. EntreCard 692 visits
  5. Twitter 665 visits

These are the most popular posts from this year:

Let's see how this list differs when counting the comments (leaving out my own) instead. Here are the top commented posts:

  1. Entrecard Sucks? 18 comments

There where 505 comments this year, after deleting spam and test comments of course.

Many thanks to everybody who cared to leave feedback. Here are the top commenters:

  1. foosel 23 comments
  2. Michael Klier 22 comments
  3. Aaron Griffin 20 comments
  4. tante 12 comments
  5. jm_zz 10 comments

The number of RSS readers increased to currently 562 subscribers. BTW, if you aren't subscribed yet, better do it right now: Subscribe ;-).

Stumble Upon at work Update: while I was working on this article, two more posts were submitted at StumbleUpon and are currently working their way up to the Top 5: Keeping your Home Directory Organized and Recovering JPGs from a Corrupted VFAT FS.

Next Year

You may have noticed, that I tried to blog on a more regular schedule, during the first half of the year, writing posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However I found this to be too much of a burden and I switched back to my more irregular schedule of writing whenever I feel like.

I don't think this will change in the upcoming year. I'm really bad in writing articles in advance and when I do I tend to never publish them. An irregular posting frequency might be bad for increasing my subscriber count1) but I prefer sanity over reader base ;-).

One thing I hope to get done in early 2009 is to launch a redesign of splitbrain.org. The current design is nearly three years old and as you know it is the time of change ;-). When I do this I will also make room for better integrating advertising. I experimented with different advertising options in the old year and want to continue to do so in the next. Having attractive space without hurting readers is essential to do so.

I also like to revive the “DokuWiki of the Month” series. I stopped because I was a bit bored by it and like to change the whole thing. But am not entirely sure how, yet. My goal is to give you an idea of what is possible with DokuWiki by showing you cool examples. But I'd also want the guys behind the featured Wikis to talk about the challenges and how they mastered them… It's still a bit wobbly in my head ;-). If you have ideas how to make the series better, please leave a comment.

My goals in numbers are simple:

  • 700,000+ visitors
  • 1,100,000+ page impressions
  • 1000+ RSS subscribers

Should be achievable, if you continue to read me ;-) We'll see. I'm looking forward to the next year of splitbrain.org.

Before I close, I'd like to ask the same question as last year: What was your favorite splitbrain.org post in 2008?. Let me know in the comments.

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