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A Link to the Past

A blog is something very personal, at least mine is to me. Even though I often post technical Howtos or other stuff of relevance to others – at the core, this is about my life. Going back through the Blog Archive a nice way to remember what interested me, how I felt and what I experienced back then. I like that.

But even though things here go back for over 10 years, there's still a lot missing before that and I'd like to fix that.

In Summer 1986, I had just finished grade one in school. This meant I had just learned to read and write and my mum obviously wanted me to practice this new skill during the summer holidays. So she suggested to keep a diary of what I did during the holidays. And so I did. For about 3 and a half years I filled three notebooks with short little summaries of my holidays, drawings and all kinds of souvenirs.

What better base than to fill in some of the missing bits in my blog? So over the next months I'll add the entries of these notebooks as blog entries. And because the writings of a 7 year old aren't that extensive, I will also try to add some context as well.

Here is the full list of entries I digitized so far. More should show up in the RSS feed when they are published.

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